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About Doug Falso - Owner Of Edit Point Video

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Doug Falso is the new president of Edit Point Video, a 34 year old video production company. in

Syracuse, New York. He bought Edit Point Video because he thought it was a great opportunity to create

video for corporate clients, and lead them into social media marketing. Doug is a salesman and

entrepreneur at heart, with over 30 years working in the Central New York community with companies

such as Seneca Data and Bankers Healthcare Group.

Doug is a resident of Cazenovia, whose hobbies include skiing, golfing, and eating at great restaurants. He is a Hartwick College graduate, huge NY Giants fan, and married his beautiful wife 30 years after they first dated.

Edit Point Video has traditionally worked with corporate clients on product and instructional video and is now venturing into additional marketing platforms to better serve their clients.

With this in mind, Doug's plan for Edit Point Video is to create content that grips customers in order to increase sales, and traffic. Edit Point Video is a production company that offers services such as: post-production, Adobe Suite Editing, digital content production, video production and video tape transfer.


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