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A Brief Introduction

EPV Media has been serving the Upstate New York business community for over thirty years with Video Production. We have been producing cost effective corporate training, communications, and marketing videos for use on television, on the web, in-house, at trade shows, and as a part of an effective image and marketing campaign for some of the biggest companies in the region. Put the resources, experience and knowledge of EPV Media to work for you.

What we do

Professional camera closeup

We offer a variety of creative and innovative services, always keeping the client’s vision
in mind. Through pioneering technology and tools, we strive to take visual storytelling to
the next level. Take a look at our services below and get in touch today.

 Video Production

Old TV

EPV Media's in-house team of marketing creatives will work with you to build the brand marketing campaign to transform and elevate your business. Through video production, media buys, consumer analytics, and SEO, we will develop and execute the perfect marketing mix for you.

Marketing Creative

Digital social media

Social Media Platform Services

When done right, social media breaks down barriers. We will help you to create sincere
connections through the use of video and show that there’s so much more to your
company than meets the eye. Let us help you promote your company through
Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. The results may surprise you!

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