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Old TV

EPV Media can convert your old home videos to DVD or Digital Media. Using the
latest digital technology, we will convert your VHS, VHS-C, Mini-DV, Digital 8, or Beta-SP to DVD or a digital media file. Top quality media, and quick turn around ensure your video transfer order will be on time and of the highest quality.

Video Transfer

Video Transfer Instructions

Fill in the below form prior to
dropping off your tapes at:

EPV Media
333 West Washington St
reet, Suite #220
Syracuse, NY 13202

Transfer Pricing
(Based on Quantity)


Qty. 1     -  $24.95
Qty. 5-9
  -  $15.95
Qty. 10+
-  $10.95

VHS to Digital

Qty. 1     -  $24.95
Qty. 5-9
  -  $16.95
ty. 10+ -  $11.95

$11 per Flash Drive

Video Transfer Order Form


Print out THIS form, fill in information per the instructions on the second page, and drop off with your order.

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