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About us - Ryan Needle Shooter and Editor At Edit Point Video

Ryan Needle is the new shooter and editor of Edit Point Video, Ryan is a Syracuse NY Local that has been serving Syracuse with Video Production skills for over 10 years.

Ryan started his journey through YouTube where he has successfully gained over 140,000 Subscribers on YouTube, venturing into the Video world he found success through Weddings, Promotional Videos, and more. With these skills and also working on many projects and partnerships with big companies through YouTube Ryan has strategized a technique into knowing what the market is looking for into businesses.

Ryan is a resident of Fayetteville NY, his hobbies include BMX, Cars, Camera Gear, and Fishing. With a great passion for the smaller things in life, there isn't much Ryan doesn't do! He spends most of his time hanging out with his girlfriend of 5 years and serving Syracuse with amazing Video Production.

Ryan started at Edit Point Video the beginning of October, with goals to increase and grow Edit Point Video. Using Social Media among other tactics to drive clients so that every business has an opportunity in having an amazing video made. Every Business has a story, every business has a deeper meaning and here at Edit Point our job is to find that story and put it into a video. Contact us for any project! We would love to hear from you.

To expand to Ryan's Hobbies, as said Ryan loves to fish specifically Bass Fishing, Ryans PB is currently 10.1 ( No Photos of it thanks to a kayak tipping shortly after)

Edit Point Video is a production company that offers services such as: post-production, Adobe Suite Editing, digital content production, video production and video tape transfer.

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