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Recruiting Video: 10 Step Process

Edit Point Video has been creating purposeful videos for over 30 years. We are constantly hearing from our clients the difficulties in hiring. These clients are now using our video process to showcase their company in a way that separates them from the competition.

We have developed a 10 Step Process that will highlight your company and provide your ideal candidates a sense of how it "feels" to work for you. Our video will be different. Everyone tries to highlight their building and work environment. It's boring. Instead, we try to show life both inside and outside the office. Remember, people get jobs to pay for the things they want to do in their private life. We want to tell that story.

Edit Point will produce a video that tells a story, focusing on the candidate, not the company. The company is part of the story, and we will show how that candidate has thrived because of the company.

Keep in mind that is a collaborative process. You will be involved every step of the way. The goal is to get more candidates. More candidates equal better hires. Here it is.

10 Step Process

1. Define your perfect candidate. What do they want, need desire, and what is preventing them from success.

Who is the perfect candidate? We’re not talking college degrees and experience, we’re talking about who they are as a human. For example, if you’re hiring engineers, well, engineers have a personality type. Like, they’re precise and read instructions. Engineers like to tinker on projects at home. This is the persona that our video will appeal to.

2. Find talent to play the roles in the video, most companies use current employees. We will speak to your suggested employees to find the best stories, and their desire to tell it.

3. We work with you to write a video script that shows candidate's (hero) problems and then shows your company (guide) solving those problems.

Meet Susan. When she was a kid she always played with legos, so getting a masters in structural engineering was always going to happen. She doesn’t know how she manages her crazy work schedule and being a single mother to three children. Yes, she wants a good paying job, who doesn’t. But what she really wants is a company that appreciates her skills and demanding home life schedule. She’ll be in to work at 8 am and she’ll put in a full shift. But she has to leave at 4pm Tues and Thurs to get her youngest to violin practice. The company solves the candidates problem.

4. We will design a mood board, find some example videos, images, and even music that will enhance the story. Music matters. If it’s too corporate or upbeat in the beginning, no one will watch past 10 seconds.

5. Then we create a storyboard for the script that SHOWS, not tells the story. The storyboard then becomes our shot list. We prefer to show people not things. For example, it’s better to show a close up of a smiling face over generic hands on a keyboard.

6. Next, create a timeline to shoot the video, the more exact, the better the shoot.

7. Film the production, stick to the script and the plan, make sure to get the best narration audio track.

8. Now the magic happens. Editing. We take the raw footage, add music, add narration, add motion graphics, add corporate assets and start to build the final product.

9. Client feedback. The big reveal! With so much pre- production planning, the final product is usually right on the mark. Now is the time to provide your feedback, make changes and send the video to final edit.

10. Publish the video in many forms: YouTube version, website landing page version, images and shorts for social media, etc.

Let's make a Video!

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